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Our vision is to find a safer and accessible alternative to pregnancy.

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About Matrea

Matrea started of as an idea to use artificial wombs as an alternative to the traditional way of pregnancy. We developed into a research project looking to find solutions to the biggest problems that come with maternity. We are researching into big problems such as postpartem depression, maternal mortality and much more. We are hoping to expand our knowledge in healthcare for mothers as well as figure out effective solutions to the problem.

In our company, we strongly believe in gender equality and wanted to use this opportunity to tackle both women's health and barriers for women in the workforce.

We belive that maternal health is the way to empowering women worldwide. We hope that by providing accessible maternal healthcare, especially to low income households, we can bridge the gap that women face in society by relieving a part of their burden.

Our Timeline

The impact we are hoping to make

Now: Post Partem Depression

Right now we are focusing on researching into post-partem depression and finding the root cause as to why it is impacting so many mothers after pregnancy.

Coming up

After looking into Post Partem Depression, We are hoping to look into maternal mortality to find the key problems and what factors would lead to a higher risk for some mothers.


We are hoping to look more in depth into other problems that are specific to a certain group of people such as minority groups, low income communities and third world countries. From there, we can find a gap between current solutions and how we can reach those groups of people such that the solutions can be more accessible.

Meet the Team

Get to know the team working on this project!

I'm Kiran, a 17 year old high school student and the Founder & CEO of CrossBow Miles Canada Inc.: a an Indian women's education movement. I'm very passionate about women's issues and uses my knowledge in technology to solve them. I have looked deeply into Genomics and explored areas of Brain Computer Interfaces, Human Longevity and Artificial Intelligence.

Mable Cobb
Kiran Kumar

I’m Sara, a 17-year-old innovator in The Knowledge Society who is passionate about making the world a better place. I’m super enthusiastic about AI technology and its applications in philanthropy. My main goal is to help people worldwide break out of their poverty cycle and help them lead a better life so that they can, in turn, be the solution and work to solve the world's biggest problems.

Mable Cobb
Sara-Grce Lien